Red Panda


Turning Red is a new Disney Pixar movie that was released on February 21, 2022.

It is a movie about a little girl named Meillin Lee who lives in Canada. Her family has a spirit that gets passed down for generations to all the girls in her family. The spirit of the Red Panda was brought into their family by their ancestor Sun Yee who prayed to the gods to give her the strength to protect her village. By harnessing her emotions under the red moon her wish was fulfilled and she turned into a giant red panda to protect her village and family.

Meillin did not know about the red panda that was inside of her until one morning she woke up and saw that she was a red panda. She went to school that day with a beanie over her head because her hair color changed. Her mom is very strict and wants to always keep an eye out for her. That same day her mom snuck around at her school. When she got caught she made a big scene and Meillin got angry and turned into a red panda. Her mom saw her and when she got home that day she decided to tell her what this transformation was all about. Meillin was upset that her parents hadn’t told her about this sooner. She had to stay in a different room in the house because she couldn’t control her transformations, and she was breaking everything in the house. While she was at school one day she figured out the way to control her emotions was to think about her best friends. Meillin and her friends were obsessed with a group called 4-Town and they wanted to go to one of their concerts. 4-Town was having a concert in their city. They wanted to go to the concert so they decided to find ways to earn the money for it. The tickets cost 200 dollars each and there were four of them so they had to get 800 dollars by the end of the month. The whole school knew that Meillin could turn into a giant red panda so they used that as a way to earn the money for the concert. Meillin’s aunts and grandmother came to help her with her red panda spirit because when Meillin transformed into a red panda at school she ran through the city back home and a video of her was on the news so they were coming to help her get rid of her panda spirit. There is only one way to get rid of the panda spirit and it had to be done on the night of the red moon. Meillin was supposed to do her ceremony the night of the 4-Town concert. She had so much fun with her panda knowing that she could control her transformations, and  so the night of the ceremony she didn’t go through with it and ran all the way to the concert. Her mother was so mad that she had disobeyed her and in all the commotion with trying to get Meillin not to leave her pendant broke . The pendant is what her mom’s panda spirit is trapped in. She was so full of rage that when her pendant broke she turned into the biggest red panda. While Meillin was at the concert enjoying the show her mom walked to the concert and destroyed everything. Meillin’s aunts, grandmother, and father were trying to do all the preparations for the ceremony so that they could get the red panda spirit out of her mother. Meillin and her mom were arguing about how Meillin didn’t want to be her perfect little child anymore, and Meillin started telling her mom the things that she really likes. While this was happening Meillin hit her mom in the head and knocked her out of the circle. Meillin was worried about her mom and regretted what she had just done. She ran to her mother and started pulling her to put her back in the circle so that they could finish the ceremony before the red moon disappeared. Her aunts and her grandmother saw what Meillin was trying to do, and so they broke the accessories that held their panda spirits and turned into red pandas to help Meillin. They ended up completing the ceremony and all of them concealed their panda spirits except for Meillin. After the night at the concert Meillins family’s business was doing better than it ever has. Meillin and her mom settled their differences and Meillins mom started respecting the things that she likes and wanted to do.