Social Media and School Vandalism

Casey Toole, Staff Reporter

During the last year at school  many of you have probably seen or heard of things happening to teachers around the school or the bathrooms looking like a tornado had torn through it. Seeing this you might have wondered or already known the reason why things and places around the school were being destroyed. And the whole reason behind it most recently has to do with social media trends that students see and they repeat this trend to make a video better than the one they saw before. It is called a ¨Devious Lick¨ on trending social media apps like Tik Tok and Snapchat.

A ¨Devious Lick¨ or ¨Hitting a Lick¨ as it’s called on social media means to either break or take something from a place or a person and most popularly from schools and teachers. This trend is seen all over Tik Tok and the trend became popular very fast and soon more and more videos were being posted of soap dispensers broken off the walls in the bathroom or taking items from a teacher’s classroom. Most people that saw this trend at the high school age thought it was funny while others thought it was wrong and disrespectful.

Just last semester In Mr. Bashorun´s class he had a ¨Devious lick” hit on him because of this social media trend. His classroom phone that hangs on the wall by the door was stolen off of the wall and then replaced three days later. The day his phone was replaced his new phone was stolen off of the wall again. And shortly after that his clock above the board was stolen not to be seen again. Because of this trend the school refused to keep putting up phones in his classroom to be stolen and Mr. Bashorun spent weeks without a classroom phone because of this social media trend. Mr. Bashorun was upset that students would act this way because he mainly taught seniors in the AMDM math class and he was astonished that students at this age were immature enough to not only steal an item once but twice after it was replaced.

In conclusion social media recently has had a very large role in school vandalism and it has had a major impact on schools across the country. ¨Devious Licks¨ are disrespectful to the teachers and the other students around you because it stops a class from learning when a teacher or administrator has to sort out the problem of things being stolen and why they were stolen. Not all social media trends are cool and need to be repeated and it doesn’t take much effort to show up and act mature. This is your last four years of school so act your age.