Davidson’s Hands for Humanity Academic Focus


Julia Crites, Staff Reporter

Ms. Davidson’s academic focus class is called Hands for Humanity. They collect toys for  children in need all year round. This Hands for Humanity academic focus was established in 2018 by Ms. Davidson and her multicultural advisory students. They began by collecting money and giving it to the Domestic Violence Shelter Haven House who service victims in Henry county. In 2018 the group collected 600 dollars and has now begun collecting toys ever since. Even though all of her original students from the group have graduated and gone on to greater things, Ms. Davidson continues to inspire others at our wonderful school to follow their passion of service.

Now, in 2022 the group has changed their focus on how they distribute the toys but they have not changed who receives and benefits from the kindness this group shows each year. Hands for Humanity is now giving their toys to children within Henry County. The group has expressed their want and need to give back to the system that protects, nurtures and educates them. Each year they strive to show others how important giving back to the community is.

When asked about why they feel so strongly about giving back to their community Tina Tutuwan, a member on their board of directors, stated “This project has taught us many things about ourselves, others, and even the world around us. We have learned that there are kids out there that do not have the comfort and commodities or even basic needs like shelter, clothes, and shoes. Which can sound selfish when you have a closet full of clothes and shoes. The biggest takeaway from this is that together we can make a difference with small acts of kindness.”

Through the guidance of Ms. Davidson, the members of Hands for Humanity have learned that they can strive to acquire anything they want to accomplish. This group is not just about collecting toys, it is shaping minds, giving the children leadership skills and learning how to create, organize, implement and develop a  plan to be successful in your purpose in  life. If you would like to support Hands for Humanity’s cause you can go to the school website to find their website. Their website is bilingual and you can find all the information about this cause and the mission these children have exposed to their community to create awareness.