LGHS Wrestlers Successful on the Mat

LGHS Wrestlers Successful on the Mat

Aaron Johnson, Staff Reporter

 The Locust Grove wrestling team is back in business BABY!!! The team has come back together and started working hard on the mat. They have been training day in and day out putting blood, tears, and heart into the wrestling mat. The first day of wrestling practice began in October on the 14th with a good old stretch and jogs. I have interviewed many new and old wrestlers including the head coach, even wrestler moms that know what it feels like at 4 am. I interviewed five people about wrestling and their opinions and experience they have had.

First is a newbie named Mekhi Holder. I asked him what do you look for in this sport and how he would feel about his team.  

“I’m looking forward to the experience and getting in shape, also I feel confident that I will be welcomed with open arms and meet new people.” 

Next, a fellow wrestler named Marco Amerman that has been wrestling for six years and when interviewed stated, “It’s fun to win in wrestling and the reason I joined was because of my brother.”

 The best memories in wrestling were in a state where one person placed first for the state title and the team placed 14th in the state, you heard that right THE STATE!!!! 

I’ve even interviewed old wrestlers that are now teachers and are hoping to coach wrestling for more years to come. HIS NAME IS THE ONE AND ONLY MR. V (Vining) !!! He is a three-year wrestler and a two-year coach he finds wrestling very fun and amazing.

He said, “I love wrestling because I can hurt someone without getting in trouble and it’s man vs man, even if it’s a good wrestler vs a bad wrestler it’s always a good match. It keeps you focused and disciplined.” 

The final two people interviewed were a coach and the mother of a wrestler. The head/assistant Coach Baus had to say this about wrestling:

“I’ve been coaching for four years but played the sport for 20.I just love the sport, in general, I have placed three times in state and it’s just a very good sport.” 

Finally, is the mother of a wrestler,  Shani Polite, and she had a lot to say! 

She started off by saying “Being a wrestlers mom is very tiring, exciting, and scary for many reasons. First, it’s tiring at 4 am on a Saturday morning but is fun to see your child win. I get to yell at people’s kids and their parents because they are touching my kid. I am physically tired and mentally worried when it comes to my kid wrestling but I have faith in God to keep him safe. All I have to say is I’m proud of him because the sport has become humbling and he has shown very good sportsmanship.” At the end of everything she said “I’ve been a wrestling mom for five years and I’m proud to be one.”