Homework Creates too Much Stress

Ansley West, Staff Reporter

Dear Wildcat Chronicle,

The past three years of my high school career have been very stressful not only because of the work we do in class but the work we have to complete when we get home. Most students play sports for the school and have practice right after school till six o’clock. Then they have to eat and get ready for school the next day. By the time they are done it is already late then they have to stay up even later to do homework. Which is very exhausting for the students. 

Some people may disagree with students not having so much homework every night because some people have plenty of time after school or just like having the extra work. I have realized that there is no way to not study at home which is technically homework but when you have to study and do other types of homework it takes a lot of time physically and mentally for a student athlete to do both and then just study. That is why I believe teachers should give less homework.