Phones in Class?

Are Phones A Big Yes Or No ?

The big question is should phones be allowed in school? That has been the topic of discussion for a very long time. Most schools allow students to have cell phones on the premises but they should be turned off in class. I think they should be allowed in school due to many reasons. 

Parents may need to reach their child due to personal reasons or in case of an emergency. Even the child might need to contact their parents. In our society, threats and shootings have now skyrocketed while kids are in school. We also still live in a pandemic where viruses are still spreading around and people are getting sick. Knowing that your child is just one text away while they are at school in case of an emergency for them to contact you. 

The phones in school but not class is very understandable because it can be a distraction from learning. It was a case study that phones were banned in class due to being virtual when the Covid pandemic came around and students were home based learning. Phones were being used heavily. When having a phone near adults and kids feel the need to check their notifications,