The School Parking Lot–Something has to be Done

Jami Adcock, Wildcat Chronicle Reporter

At the end of the school day, students wait patiently for that final bell to ring. When it does, the hallways are flooded with kids either going to the bus lane, going to the car rider line or to the parking lot to get into their cars. If you aren’t quick, prepare yourself to be sitting in the parking lot just waiting for all of the congested lanes to calm down. We need something that is going to help students be able to leave the parking lot sooner and therefore arrive home earlier. 

Creating another exit connected to the same road as the current exit would create a smoother afternoon for everyone. Some schools in Henry County have 2 ways to leave the parking lot and it seems to help. This is the time where we have to think about out of district kids. Kids who are currently enrolled into this school by school choice, have a family member working for the school or the county. Some student drivers who don’t live near the school are getting home almost twice the amount of time that it takes them to get to school in the mornings. Now of course you can blame traffic and the train at the end of Peeksville, but where the problem originates from is the overcrowded parking lot of this school. We have too many student drivers and too many students in general all trying to leave the same place at the exact same time and unfortunately, one exit isn’t working anymore.