Toilet Paper an Endangered Species in LGHS Bathrooms

Alejandro Garcia-Verdin, Staff Reporter

Alright, let’s just cut to the chase. The lack of toilet paper here at LGHS is a problem. Imagine being forced to hold it in for the almost entire school day just to go the bathroom, then you reach out for the usual 2 or 1-ply sandpaper to grace your skin for cleanliness. You shuffle your hand around looking for your pale savior and to your horror, there is no toilet paper. You check in the other stall –nothing, the next stall, still nothing and then lastly you check in the large stall and you pray for at least something. You would even take the cardboard in desperation, But per usual, nothing.

Even if this story was fake it likely has happened to you, forcing you to resort to bringing toilet paper from school or just cutting the need to go to the bathroom by not drinking or eating. Because either people don’t know how to act  and decide to take it out on other people or the janitors don’t replace them often enough. Maybe one day people are going to need to sign a petition to have toilet paper in the stalls *wink wink*.