Vending Machine Theft Hurts Everybody

Brianna Neely, Staff Reporter

There was an incident at Locust Grove High School in which someone took from the vending machine. Which I find crazy because why would  you take from a vending machine? In the long run you’re not just messing it up for yourself but for everybody else. We have those vending machines because some people don’t like school lunch or they want to get a little  snack during lunch. So by doing that it’s messing it up for them. Can you not just think about yourself, think about everybody else too?

The people who come and restock our vending machines should make sure that the vending machines are locked after they get done so things like this will not happen. Next time I hope they take it into consideration to make sure that they lock the vending machines, or this will continue to happen every time. I hope they fix this situation to make it easy for people to get snacks and drinks .