Smile: Overhyped or Just Plain Scary?

Arryce Bostic, Staff Reporter

          The new horror movie Smile came out September 30 of this year and has been watched by many teens. It has had many reactions ,most reactions being positive but some reactions being negative.The positive reactions from people would be people enjoying all the jumpscares. The negative reactions would be people feeling that the movie was overrated.

          In the movie Smile the main character Dr. Rose Cotter is with a patient when the patient is possessed and loses her life, the entity possessing the patient then latches itself onto Rose leaving Rose to try and find a way to rid herself of it. The movie has a good plot with plenty of jumpscares, this is what makes it enjoyable. The movie also has a lot of suspense making the jumpscares that much more scary. While it isn’t the scariest movie to ever be made it is a recommended movie for teens and older age groups and is worth watching.