School Could Use a Good Cleaning

Arryce Bostic, Staff Reporter

Many places in Locust Grove High School you can find messes and stains, like in the cafeteria, the locker rooms, the hallway floors, the auxiliary gym etc. The students speak about it to teachers but nothing has been done about it. Students deserve a cleaner learning environment.

Walking around the school you can find dark stains on the floors and walls that have been there for weeks. In the bathrooms many people would rather wait to use the restroom at home because the bathrooms are unsanitary. In the auxiliary gym there’s a huge brown stain on the wall that has been there since September. There’s dust everywhere and the locker rooms are dirty as well. The cafeteria often has food all over the place and students don’t want to be around that while they’re eating. This issue can be resolved with the help of students as much as staff. This would be because students are  the ones making the mess, but it’s unfair to the students who don’t make the messes. So the school should try to make cleaning more important.