Se7en: A True Classic

Maysa Adams, Staff Reporter

Movies are a standard form of entertainment. There are so many different genres of movies leaving the possibilities and creativity endless. However, some movies are better than others. These plot centered stories that the majority love no matter how old they are, are called classics. 

An example of a classic movie is Se7en. This movie stars Brad Pitt and Morgan ffreeman, who are the most expensive actors in the world. This movie is the most emotion controlling, thrilling, horrifying, plot twist filled movie there is available. This movie includes a series of odd murders , and a group of detectives attempting to crack the case. Brad Pitt (Detective Mills) and Morgan Freeman (Detective Somerset) play as detectives. There are seven murders committed to be exact and six of them line up with the seven deadly sins. The sins include pride, greed, lust, gluttony, envy, sloth and wrath. The killer’s name is John Doe, which we find out later on. The end of the movie is what makes this movie a classic. Brad Pitt’s astonishing acting to finding out the victim of the sixth and seventh murder. Both deaths were a result of sin envy. The killer elaborates why he envies the detective’s lifestyle. Brad’s reaction to the final deaths were required for the killer to complete his plan. Finally, John Doe was killed by Detective Mills under the final sin, wrath. The movie is known for its astonishing acting, significant plot twist, thorough and amazingly written story.