LGHS Enrollment Continues to Rise

Some classes bursting at the seams.

Catherine Brockman, Reporter

As most of you have noticed class sizes have been swelling recently as Locust Grove has received a recent lurch in population. The current enrollment is about 1510  students spanning the ninth through twelfth grades. Students have most likely noticed the growing class numbers but the teachers have also been feeling the effects of these growing numbers.

Mrs. Maddox is one teacher who has seen a significant bump in the number of students in her classes. One of the major disruptive effects of this increase has been behavior. Mrs.Maddox said, ”More behavior issues definitely… I mean you’re in my class you can see how some of those kids can act.”

Another problem is that classrooms are filling up to the brim but there’s just not enough resources to go around. In one A.P. United States history class there were not enough books to go around. This problem was solved once some students decided to buy their own textbooks, freeing up the school-issued books for the rest of the class. 

Many of you might be wondering what is the cause of this sudden influx of students and it’s really quite simple, we’re convenient. With the booming industry storm making its way through Henry County, Locust Grove is a school nestled right in the middle of that. Henry County has a resident growth rate of 2.5%, making it the second-largest growing county in metro-Atlanta. 

While I’m sure like me, many of you wondered why people want to move to nowhere Henry County? According to Henry County commissioner June Wood it’s really quite simple. “We’re developing something for everyone, from millennials to seniors. Henry County is truly becoming a more wonderful community for all.” said Ms. Wood.. Whether you believe that statement or not, the numbers don’t lie and in 2020 we will most likely need to deal with more students then we know what to do with if this current population trend keeps up.