Ms. Pritchett Wins LGHS Teacher of the Year Award

Terrence Lee, Wildcat Chronicle Reporter

Every year LGHS awards one teacher with the Teacher of the Year Award. The 2019-2020 winner is Ms. Julia Pritchett, one of our math teachers.

I asked her a series of questions beginning with how she felt about the recognition. She kept it short and to the point, describing it as a blessing. 

I then followed with how her teaching style was designed. I asked if it was catered to each individual or what she found most effective over the general population of her students. Ms. Pritchett answered saying that she used what she finds “most effective with the majority of her students.” If anyone would still need help she would further break it down. 

My third question was what did she find most difficult about teaching, immediately she answered “having to juggle the online students with the ones in person, as well as having to dispel previous bad experiences with math.” 

I asked Ms. Pritchett next has she ever taught anywhere else. You’d be surprised to know that she has taught an amazing 30+ years, this being her fifth year  here at LGHS. When Ms. Pritchett was asked what made her want to become a teacher, she said that growing up she struggled with math and thought that maybe she could diminish that problem with some of her students. 

The question I was really looking forward to was, what did she look forward to seeing in her students in 10 years? She joyfully said: “Teaching my students children and seeing them become contributors to society.”