Changes in Store for LGHS Next Year

Savannah McDowell, Wildcat Chronicle Reporter

We as a school community at Locust Grove High School have been through a rollercoaster of hardships this past year. Nonetheless, school is starting back normally next year with everyone being in person. Besides that obvious fact, how else might school be different next year? According to Assistant Principal Mrs. Burch, she is excited to return to a “more consistent, more positive and enthusiastic learning environment” this coming year.

 From what we have recently experienced, we can all appreciate technology and online programs for our education. It seems like those things might be more implemented next year than ever before. However, there are some obstacles we face as we return. “The biggest obstacle we face as a school in the coming year, is figuring out how best to re-engage and re-establish the practices and overall culture that makes Locust Grove, Locust Grove” says Burch.

Have you or someone you know fallen behind this past year? Well, the LGHS staff can help with that. Mrs. Burch has reported that, “our school leadership and student support staff at LGHS has a plan in place beginning summer of 2021 to assist students in recovering credits, and providing the resources needed to help students bridge learning gaps.” With this in mind, we can all be excited for new opportunities and our school community to be back together for the year 2021-2022.