Maybe Psychology is for You!

Offered to AP and General Students

Kasie Cain, Wildcat Chronicle Reporter

Maybe psychology is for you!

The enlightening AP psychology class is taught by Ms. Misty Leach. The AP psychology class is located in the Locust Grove High school in room 329. In this AP class specifically you will learn research, the biological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, emotions, motivation and personality, clinical psychology, and social psychology . 

“I found the subject very interesting,” Ms. Leach said. AP psychology as well as Intro to Psychology with Mr. Vining would be beneficial. An extra elective class would not hurt you no matter what grade you are in. Both psychology classes Locust Grove offers are half a semester. Students should definitely consider taking either one of these classes into consideration when mapping out their schedule for the following year . 

These classes could engage you in a career you maybe didn’t even know you were interested in, even if psychology isn’t the main career you want to pursue and get your major in. A minor in physiology opens so many doors for you. If you’re a doctor and minor in psychology you could go into great paying positions such as clinical psychologist, psychiatric technician, recreational therapist, medical laboratory technician, and psychiatrist. A major in criminology and a minor in psychology can also open many doors for you including correctional counselor, jail supervisor, victim advocate, jury consultant, and the list goes on. 

Ms. Leach says that “Psychology is practical, and helps you understand many aspects of life.” Whether you plan a career around psychology or not, students could learn fundamental basic skills for life in this class that they could use towards their career or personal life.