The Art of Punisher: Phoebe Bridgers

Tiana Davis, Wildcat Chronicle Reporter

Punisher is an album released by Phoebe Bridgers in 2020, with help from producers Tony Berg and Ethan Gruska. Most of the album was recorded in Los Angeles, the album consists of 11 songs. It tackles some deep concepts on how humans, or more specifically Phoebe Bridgers herself deals with them. She does this in a way that doesn’t shame or make you feel like you should be punished for simply being human and acting out of impulse. Punisher is her second album, the first being Stranger in the Alps which she released in 2017.

The 11 songs in order are: DVD Menu, The Garden Song, Kyoto, Punisher, Halloween, Chinese Satellite, Moon Song, Savior Complex, ICU, Graceland Too, and I Know The End. According to Phoebe on Rolling Stone “the key themes of Punisher are crying and feeling numb”. She touches on the reality of life instead of this romanticized version so many people have in their minds.

The album is extremely relatable and easy to listen to with each song flowing effortlessly into another. Even with DVD Menu being strictly instrumental you feel the emotion of it without the use of words. If you’re looking for an album to listen to when you feel like the world is against you, Punisher would be the perfect fit.