Space Jam: A New Legacy

Elauna Durham, Wildcat Chronicle Reporter

If you haven’t seen Space Jam: A New Legacy , go watch it. It stars Lebron James, Don Cheadle, and the TUNES SQUAD!! If you are a big Lebron and Looney Tunes fan this is the movie for you. The director of this movie is Malcolm D. Lee. His other movies are Night School, Barbershop: Next Cut, and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.

Space Jam: A  New Legacy is about Lebron’s son wanting to do something else other than basketball, like creating games. Lebron doesn’t see how that is better than playing basketball. One day Lebron has a meeting; they want him to star in a game. He doesn’t like it, but his son does. His son creates a game and the game glitches. It takes them into a world where it’s the inside of a coding world. They meet a character who seems to be good, but is actually the antagonist. He tells Lebron’s son that he loves what he does and leaves his dad. Lebron’s son leaves him. The only way for lebron to get his son back is to play basketball.

What makes the movie good is seeing the Tunes Squad play one more time. You see what they’ve been up to ever since they played with Michael Jordan. In the movie you see other characters from different childhood movies and tv shows, such as The Mask, King Kong, Scooby- Doo, and more of your favorite childhood characters.