Tik Tok Challenge Fallout is Limiting your Freedom

     At Locust Grove High School one of the issues we have is vandalism at school. Some of the problems we have is people stealing stuff out of the bathrooms or destroying stuff just for a challenge called “Devious Lick” on Tik Tok. Some of the things that can be done is not allowing kids to go to the bathroom during the middle of class unless they have someone supervising them while they are in there. This is affecting many people because of this “Devious Lick” challenge never would have started, we wouldn’t have to have teachers in the bathrooms supervising us.

     With this new trend the “Devious Lick” it is making it to where us kids at school have no freedom of being able to go to the bathroom, it is also making it to be where we can’t be trusted just because of a dumb challengechanllenge. Some people might say that it’s funny and that they don’t see it as a problem just because it’s funny, but it is a problem because it is destruction of school property, they are taking stuff that is not theirs, and it is affecting the other kids in the schools freedom of using the bathroom. So I think that teachers being in the bathroom supervising us would help.