Student Parking Fee is Excessive

An issue at Locust Grove High School is the parking lots. At Locust Grove they make you pay fifty dollars for parking. In my opinion, it should not cost anything to park. My reasons are that they don’t know what kids are going through, they don’t know what kids/parents can afford, and kids are forced to come to school. What I mean when I say they don’t know what they’re going through is they could be in between jobs or something they’re paying for is taking all their income. Another reason is these kids are not getting paid to come to school so they are not interested. I’m saying this because most kids don’t want to come to school and now they also have to pay for it. Also,nd just an extra one some people don’t pay at all and just sneak parking spots everyday this isn’t fair to the kids that paid. So, in conclusion I hate the idea of kids paying for parking.