Restroom Policy Creates Problems for Students

Alex Olszewski

School is seven hours long and the average human uses the bathroom six to seven times a day. It makes it hard for students to use the restroom when they have to go because the bathrooms are often not open. Due to events in the past they have locked all bathrooms around the school and made it to where only one bathroom is open to students. The only bathroom that is open is on the complete other side of the school, so if a student has to use the bathroom during class they have to cut time out of class to use the bathroom. I understand the main reason the bathrooms are often closed is to prevent students from skipping class, but this puts students with medical issues or personal issues at a disadvantage when it comes to using the bathroom. If we were to have a person to monitor a few bathrooms then this would make it easier for the students who actually need to use the bathroom or have mandatory bathroom breaks in each class period to give students a chance to use the bathroom.