Start School Later to Improve Student Performance

Rhylan Tankersley

We should start school later. The reason I feel this way is because school starts way too early. In the morning we are sleep deprived and exhausted. Not having enough rest or simply just being exhausted results in really bad headaches, body feeling weak, and not being able to focus. If we can’t focus, we can’t pay attention fully to our assignments and that would result in being behind. 

This results in many people falling asleep in class and missing important information. Another reason we should start school later is that more people would show up on time and we’ll rarely have tardes. Starting school later in the day also means many people showing up to school and we’ll have less absences. Many people here at Locust Grove are late the majority of the time because they sleep in simply because of exhaustion or they just don’t show up at all. A a lot of people here agree with me and this could benefit a lot of people.