Later Start to School Would Help Students Focus

Jamesen Sylvestre

My name is Jamesen Sylvestre and I’m a student At Locust Grove High School. These past two years I’ve been having some problems waking up early for school, I’m pretty sure most people hate getting up super early in the morning for school. It seems to me school should begin later because it’s better for children’s health and attentiveness in class. If you don’t get enough sleep you are going to sleep in class. I know you’re probably saying just go to bed earlier, but let me tell you why we can’t. When you think about it school goes from 8:15 to 3:15 and I got 3 hours of practice. For those who have a job they probably get home at 10:PM and we have to study, do some homework, so we probably get to sleep at 12:AM and we have to wake up at 6:AM. So we don’t really get much time to sleep.

I never seem to be able to focus until the third or fourth period. If school started later, the dreary day ahead of me would become much more focused and enjoyable.