Parking Lot Too Congested

Ian Smalley

      Getting out of the school parking lot is very stressful and an excessive time taker for just trying to go home after school. Having one lane straight to a two-lane road with oncoming traffic and 1500+ people trying to leave is dangerous and very congested. Simply adding a round-about and an extra lane in the parking lot would definitely help the traffic flow.

          Another addition could be a one car rule, since everyone is in a rush they like to push their way through and not let the person in front of them out. Now making it a rule to let one person out would definitely speed things up and make the getting-out process smoother. 

          Another way could be taking that one way exit and entrance into the parking lot a four- lane exit and entrance. This would allow two more people to leave at once rather than one. Taking any of these into consideration would help and save people’s time and gas!