Lunch Time Needs to be Extended

Kelly Sarmiento

Dear Wildcat Chronicle,

School lunch is remarkably too short at Locust Grove High School. It has come to my attention that a group of students also agrees with me on this problem. School lunch is very important for all students, it’s a time to unwind, relax, eat and finish up some homework to have more free time at home. As soon as the bell rings it already takes at least 10 minutes for all the students to settle down and get their food and eat. With 10 minutes deducted out of our 25 minutes to eat that leaves us with only 15 minutes to finish eating, How is that acceptable? Before I know it, lunch is already over!. I didn’t have time to start orĀ  finish homework or time to relax and unwind. I think it’s unfair that we have so little time for ourselves. Simply extending the lunch time for 20 more minutes will fix the situation. During these 20 more minutes I will at least get to my homework. I think this time will satisfy the students here at Locust Grove High School.