School Starts too Early for Students


Dear Wildcat Chronicle,

Today I came with an important school issue that affects just not people in my grade and high school but every single grade. For instance, I believe starting school later would improve attendance due to students waking up later and they would struggle less on getting up due to it. Even some outside facilities like the juvenile detention center believe school should start later that way students have limited free time in the afternoon keeping better track of them. 

But some disagree with having it later because it would affect bus transportation times for all schools, elementary through high school. Another thing to notice is that starting it later would also cause later release times and may not leave room for homework and affects athletes working out and resting. Overall I think somehow that it can be worked out by making special classes for working out for athletes and making a period within the school schedule that makes it easier. 

Another thing is grades would also go up more because with enough rest they focus more, have fewer health conditions that involve sleep. They could also fail to eat and get their day off the right way sometimes, so therefore it is better to start school at later times.