Wildthings Run Wild in 42-42 Tie

Lucienne De Busschere

WildThings Cheerleaders: Katelyn Gray, Launa Sikes, Mary Crowder, Ryan Kuhn, and Victoria Chambers.
Fans cheer on the Wildthings

The WildThings are a football team and cheerleaders comprised of LGHS’ Exceptional Students. This is the first year something like this has ever happened here. Hopefully in years to come we can continue this exciting experience.

The WildThings are the team to beat. With a final score of 42-42, the outstanding team took home a tie. 

The WildThings cheer squad was full of spirit when leading the student section in cheers. They jumped, clapped, and danced with vibrant school spirit. Their toe-touches were so good they might as well have been competing. Always loud, the cheerleaders were full of spirit as they cheered the WildThings on.

The student section, dressed and painted in black, was ready for another night of football. The blackout theme swept the stands. Touchdown after touchdown, the crowd couldn’t get louder as they saw their team grow closer to a win. As the crowd cheered, the WildThings cheerleaders cheered along, filling the stadium with Wildcat pride. 

WildThings Football played one of the best games seen in a long time at LGHS. Defense and offense were on fire as each play became a success. Their final score goes to show how well the team worked and played together. The WildThings are a huge hit and success here at LGHS.