Volleyball Undefeated Region Champs

Kylie Morris, Wildcat Chronicle Reporter

The tie-breaking set begins, Locust Grove has the first serve. After losing the first set to Dutchtown the girls of the Locust Grove varsity volleyball team were determined to come back and win the game to complete their season 6-0 in region. They had fought hard and persevered through to win the second set, sending both teams to a tiebreaker. Both teams had played two games before and were beyond tired, but for Locust Grove losing was not an option. It was around 9 o’clock on Thursday, September 16th, when the Locust Grove girls scored the winning point, ranking them the number 1 seed in the region. An undefeated region season has not been accomplished in years and here these girls are celebrating the well-deserved accomplishment.

With the Locust Grove volleyball team going undefeated and ranking number 1 in the region, they will go on to have the easier route in the region tournament. There are 8 teams in the Henry County region and the Locust Grove volleyball girls will go on to play the 8th seed, Jones County. If the girls can win region and stay ranked number 1, they will also have the easier route in the state playoffs. Only the top 4 teams in the region go on to the state tournament, but the 2nd seed has the harder route, matching up against teams like 4-time state champions MacIntosh High School. 

I got to sit down with senior middle blocker, Lexy Morrison and junior outside hitter Skyla Gilbert and ask them a couple of questions.

“What do you think was the reason y’all went undefeated in  region this season?” Senior Lexy came out to say, “I believe it was due to the hard work we put in during practice and the games, but most of all because we played together as one team.”

I then went on to ask, “What struggles did y’all deal with as a team?” Junior Skyla answered, “I would usually say it was our communication but honestly our communication was good the night we beat Dutchtown, but if I had to pick one struggle it would be that we tend to let teams that are not at the same skill level play with us. We don’t play to our full potential and allow these teams to creep in.”

Lastly, I asked, “What are your goals for the rest of the season?” Both Lexy and Skylar said, “Is to play as one and take the 1st place region trophy in the upcoming regional tournament.” 

You can watch the Locust Grove varsity volleyball team in action at some of their next games! They will be taking on Eagles Landing Christian School at home on October 12th, this game will honor a former volleyball player’s mother who sadly passed away last season due to breast cancer. You can find the Volleyball team’s schedule on the Locust Grove volleyball webpage and purchase tickets at Gofan.com!