JV Wildcats Battle Eagles’ Landing to a Tie

Blaise Maddox, Wildcat Chronicle Reporter

The Locust Grove Wildcats JV football team played their rivalry game against Eagles’ Landing on Thursday, October 7th. Coming out tough, the Wildcats dominated the first half of the game. The offense got off to a strong start and put the Wildcats up 6-0 in the second quarter. The defense played strong and scored a safety after halftime.

With a dominate lead from the first three quarters, the game seemed to be in the Wildcat’s reach. At the start of the 4th quarter, the Wildcats were up 8-0, but a good drive by Eagles Landing ended with a

Caleb Benton about to catch the ball across the middle of the field.

touchdown and 2-point conversion. The mood of the game shifted to a nail biter and the Wildcats knew it was time to getseri ous. The score was tied, and with two minutes left in the game the Wildcat’s offense fought to get within the redzone, but ultimately came up a little short of scoring. The final score was 8-8, ending the game in a tie.

Matthew Watts makes an explosive play.