Diehard Door Designing

Ansley Standridge

Be sure to hit Ms. Seigle’s Photobooth.

In preparation for our upcoming Homecoming Week, Locust Grove has started our Door Competition. Each hallway was designated a certain theme corresponding with the themes of next week; the 100 hall is Tropical-themed; the 200 hall is all about Mardi Gras; the 300 is Gracefully Greek; the 400 hall is tying everything up with the Western theme. 

Each teacher is allowed to employ their students throughout the day to work on their door and it’s become commonplace to see large groups of students grouped in front of a door, hands full of paper mache and hot glue.

Ms. Konken’s students working on a door that encourages students to “Bayou a yearbook.”

With it’s tropical theme, the 100 hall is fully decked out in beach balls and palm leaves. There’s a spot halfway down the hallway for pictures, supplied by the SGA, along with the organization’s social media accounts. Some student artwork is featured in the halls as well, but the crowning jewel is Mrs. Seigle’s door, which has the typical beach backdrop with a mermaid photo booth. 

A hallway over, the 200 hall is fully embracing the greens, yellows, and purples of Mardi Gras. Almost every door is decorated, and each teacher is taking a different approach to the theme: Mrs. Konken’s second period is designing a bayou scene, Mr. Harp’s door is all about the blues, while Ms. Thigpen has a cutout scene from Disney’s Princess and the Frog.

Students with missing assignments might have to visit the jailhouse.

Meanwhile, Greece has become the 300 hallway. Grecian flags cover the hallway, along with ancient-looking font and columns. Some teachers are making their doors look like entrances to temples, some are recreating ancient myths, and some are simply recreating Grecian architecture.

Moseying on over to the 400 hallway, nothing’s to be found except the pure wild west. Complete with farm animal cutouts, cacti, and even an old jailhouse with wanted pictures, the 400 hallway has definitely given it their all. 

Our student body has definitely been getting their spirits up for next week’s costume days, but the

Mardi Gras has begun on the 200 hall.

teachers might be even more excited to see who wins the door competition.