Student Poetry

It’s Okay To Feel 


A thread in your body’s fabric that comes naturally 

It intertwines with those who identify as gents and lads 

As well as those outside and in-between 


The fabric can take only a quarter of what we make it with 

It is not designed for the world we created

So why is it so shunned,so shameful

When a thread can no longer take it 


To believe that you are beaten down by syllables formed from a grunt 

For the two to impact your being so profoundly 

To make you physically,spiritually and mentally unavailable 

And to still suffer the consequences of natural reaction


The distraught cry whaling from the creases of your soul

The salty ocean spilling from your lids 

The knuckles against the comforter who happened to be innocent

The ache of your heart stretching across your canvas


To feel thoroughly is your body’s way of handling the emotional responses 

When repressed, you no longer know how to healthily feel  

So, despite the groans that come around to beat you down 

Let the whispers in your head tell you “It’s okay to feel”