Mr. Sawecki, Locust Grove’s New Art Teacher

Emma Belles , Staff Reporter

It’s time everyone gets to know one of the school’s newest teachers, Michael Sawecki. Mr. Sawecki is Locust Grove’s newest art teacher. He joined the school this year! Michael Sawecki is originally from Michigan but he made the move to Georgia. He went to Stevenson High School. Then after high school he moved down here for school. Michael Sawecki went to College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan and Georgia State University. Even though Mr. Sawecki did not participate in club or after school activities when he was in school he has definitely helped make great programs here at the school. He helped students take their artwork to the next level by getting students to publish their art to competitions. 

Before Mr. Sawecki became our art teacher; he worked as a graphic designer and a freelance illustrator. But not too long after he decided to become a teacher. He said, ”I went into teaching because I thought it would be something I would be good at and enjoy.”

Mr. Sawecki teaches four different classes: Art Composition, Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, and AP Art. Before Mr. Sawecki came to us at Locust Grove he worked at another school. He left the school because he says they only cared about the numbers and scores but here at Locust Grove he was given more freedom to let the students be more creative and didn’t have to worry so much about the grades. He says being a teacher has its ups and downs. He likes being able to watch as the students grow and become better artists. But he does note a down side of being a teacher: He doesn’t like doing things that don’t have to do with teaching. He wants to teach us and help us grow and not have to worry about anything else.