Mrs. Beck: Food Science Fun

Mrs. Meredith Beck teaches Food Science at Locust Grove High School. Her class is definitely overlooked when it comes to how fun it really is. In her class we have a weekly Fun Friday. This day is looked forward to by many students. She allows students to bring in their own ingredients and bake in her kitchens. Students have made a number of things from brownies to pasta. At the end of Fun Friday, she chooses a winner based on the food made. This is a great way to teach about safety in the kitchen and how food is properly prepared while having a friendly competition!

The Wildcat Chronicle recently conducted an interview with Mrs.B eck. Below is our Q&A:

How long have you been teaching? ​I have been teaching for 6 years. 

Where did you attend college? I received my Bachelor of Science from the University of Georgia. My Master of Education and Specialist of Education degrees are from Liberty University.

What is the purpose of this class? ​The Food Science course is the third course in the Nutrition and Food Science career pathway. The pathway itself allows students to study the interrelationship between food, nutrition, and wellness to promote good health. The course studies a few different branches of science and focuses on advances in technology to help improve the food supply. 

Why did you choose this class? ​I love teaching this pathway because it not only focuses on content that is relevant to our everyday lives, but it also teaches basic skills that are necessary for our everyday life. I find that the content is very important for our health and safety but it also teaches interpersonal skills that students can use with their teachers and peers and as they go out into the workforce as well.