The Guitar Club: A Great Place for Rockers

Wyatt Jarrell, Staff Reporter

Do you like music? Do you like instruments? Well I know the place for you, the LGHS Guitar club.

The guitar club is a place for musicians looking to perform like the rock bands they admire so much, It is led by Mr. Harp and he’s a great man and teacher and can really play.

In the guitar club we always practice for upcoming performances and have fun doing it. There is always something new to learn and it has good people in there who don’t judge or bash people. We mostly deal with guitars, bass, percussion, and vocals, although we could take in any.

Mr. Harp was raised during the times of the rockers and looked up to many, such as the great Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen, Vivian Campbell of Dio,  Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and many more. He started the guitar club because he wanted to spread his love and gospel of guitars and open up doors for the students because it did the same for him. He wanted to spread the long hair, high school rock days to the kids of today and he has done a real great job doing it. He’s a great teacher, person, father, and just anything someone can be.