The Wildcats’ New Football Coach: Gary Fisher

Marachal Jordan, Staff Reporter

As some may know Locust Grove has a new head football coach by the name of Coach Garry Fisher. Recently I conducted a question and answer session with Coach Fisher. Below is the question and answer, to help you get to know our coach a little better.

Question: How long have you been coaching?

Coach Fisher: “I have been coaching for 20 years. I started my coaching career in June of 2002 at Bowling Green State University.”

Question: Where did you coach before you came here?

Coach Fisher: “After beginning at Bowling Green State University, I coached at the University of Utah, Heidelberg College, Shenandoah University, Kentucky State University, Eastern Kentucky University, Western Illinois University, Tennessee State University, and most recently Charles Drew High School prior to becoming the head football coach at Locust Grove.”

Question: What are your core values as a coach?

Coach Fisher: “1. Tell the Truth, 2. Be a Gentleman, 3. Love your Brother.”

Question: What would you say is your best accomplishment as a coach?

Coach Fisher: “My greatest accomplishment is developing young student-athletes and watching them achieve their dreams and goals.”

Question: What is your favorite thing about coaching football?

Coach Fisher: “I love the TEAM aspect of football. Bringing a group of people together from different walks of life, to achieve a common goal.”

Question: What made you want to coach football at Locust Grove?

Coach Fisher: “Locust Grove was simply the right fit for me and I believe I am the right fit for Locust Grove. The administration at Locust Grove are great people who are invested in the lives of their students. The community is awesome and the people of Locust Grove are great supporters of athletics. The student-athletes are hard working individuals who want to be successful.”

Question: As the new head coach, what are your goals for the upcoming football season?

Coach Fisher: “This upcoming season the goal is to get better every day. We have to build a winning tradition which starts with having a winning mindset.”